Projects 1998


Zorya-Mashproekt Gas Turbine Plant. Ukraine, Nikolaev

Turbo C, Delphi, Assembler x86, PCAD

Development of network based on optically isolated current loop for transfer of control programs from process engineer's computer to CNC milling machines. Server software (available both DOS (Turbo C) and Win32 (Delphi) versions) running on the process engineer's computer in background mode polls the clients in cycle to check if communication is requested and provides read/write access to a configured folder with control programs, and keeps the log. The clients – PC compatible computers – are installed directly on the milling machines and allow the operator to create a new program and store it on the server, browse the file list on the server, load the selected program, edit it if necessary and save as a new file on the server, or send it to the milling machine for execution through punch-tape reader interface. Client software (Turbo C, ASM) includes file manager, text editor and punch-tape reader emulator. It loads via network with a ROM boot loader on power up, which allows to have no disk drives on the clients. Circuit boards, server and client software for the network controlling digital machine-tools.T he work included designing diagrams and printed-circuit boards (PCAD), server software (Turbo C, Delphi) and client software (Turbo C).