Projects 2002

The following projects were done for AMICO Ltd. in employed status.

03.2002 - 10.2002

Reni. Liquefied natural gas station. Ukraine, Reni

LabVIEW, Visual C++, WinAPI. ICP DAS I-7000

SCADA for automation and measuring system: 34 tanks, level, pressure and temperature monitoring. Calculation of volume, mass, velocity. Control of valves, pumps and compressors. Trends, logs, reports. Network versions.
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The following projects were done for Smart Systems Ltd. in employed status.


Smart Systems Ltd. Ukraine, Kiev

Atmel AVR, PCAD, ImageCraft C

Development of micro-controller (Atmel AVR) based remote monitoring and control system over wired telephone and GSM mobile channels. The software provides monitoring and control of objects and the user interface, using DTFM codes (MT8888 codec) and voice menu (MC145480 codec). The work included designing diagrams and printed-circuit boards (PCAD), micro-controller software (ImageCraft C).