Projects 2004

The following projects were done for GEA Grasso International B.V. in employed status.

11.2004 - 09.2005

Radomyshl brewery - Ziemann, phase 1. Ukraine, Radomyshl

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-316, MP270B.

Refrigeration automation system: 2 piston compressors, 1 evaporative condenser, 2 ammonia pumps, 1 plate heat exchanger, automatic oil return.
See screenshots.

11.2004 - 04.2007

Cerveceria brewery, Ziemann. Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-316, MP270B.

Refrigeration automation system: 4 piston compressors, 4 evaporative condensers, 4 ammonia pumps. Profibus communication with central PLC.
See screenshots.

08.2004 - 10.2004

Interbrew Desna phase 3. Ukraine, Chernigov

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-316, MP270B.

Refrigeration automation system: 1 screw compressor unit, 1 evaporative condensers, 1 PHE, 2 water pumps.
See screenshots.

01.2004 - 07.2004

Limpantsis fruit storage base. Greece, Thiva

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool.
CPU S7-414, MP270B.
Number of controlled I/O:
127 AI, 23 AO,
427 DI, 189 DO,
47 Profibus nodes.

Refrigeration automation system: 6 screw compressor units in two systems -1 and -11°C, 2 frequency controlled (ABB, Profibus) evaporative condensers, recuperation, 5 frequency controlled primary glycol pumps, 2 water pumps, 14 coldstore rooms with secondary pumps, motor valves, T and DT, CO2, humidity control, automatic defrosting and frequency controlled air-cooler fans, 6 coldstore rooms with motor valves and T control, 5 banana rooms, ammonia detection. Assistance to Frost SA in making WinCC SCADA.
See screenshots.

The following projects were done for Smart Systems Ltd. in employed status.


Smart Systems Ltd. Ukraine, Kiev

Atmel AVR, MS Access, PCAD, ImageCraft C, C++ Builder

Development of mobile object tracking system on the basis of global positioning system (GPS). The device is based on Atmel AVR microcontroller and works in black-box mode: records information with real-time marks into flash-memory, then the data is transferred to the computer in Ms Access database via COM port or remotely by cell-phone channels via GSM-modem, with the route displayed on a digital map. The work in this project included designing diagrams and printed-circuit boards (PCAD), development of microcontroller software (ImageCraft C) and PC software (C++ Builder).