Projects 2005

12.2005 - 10.2006, 05.2008

AMICO - Izmail. Oil-transfer plant. Ukraine, Izmail

ICP DAS 8000, PC. Delphi.

SCADA for automation and control system: 4 tanks, 14 motor valves, 3 pump units, 4 fans. Control of valves and pumps, level and temperature measuring. Monitoring and control of actuating mechanism. Logs, reports, trends, access authorization.
See screenshots.

10.2005 - 02.2006

York - Interbrew Yantar brewery, phase1. Ukraine, Nikolaev

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-315, TP270

Electrical supervision and startup-and-adjustment for refrigeration automation system: 1 screw compressor unit, 1 double evaporative condenser, 1 Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE), buffer tank, 2 primary and 2 secondary glycol pumps.

10.2005 - 01.2006

Grasso - Interbrew Rogan, phase 3. Ukraine, Kharkov

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-315, 414, OP27, MP270B Touch.

Rebuilt phase 2: 2 piston compressors, 1 screw compressor unit, 5 double evaporative condensers, 2 plate heat exchangers (PHE), 4 frequency controlled water pumps. Industrial Ethernet.
See screenshots.

09.2005 - 07.2007

Grasso - Ismailia poultry SCADA. Egypt, Ismailia

RS View32

SCADA for the Refrigeration automation system

08.2005 - 10.2005

Grasso - Interbrew Desna, phase 4. Ukraine, Chernigov

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-315, MP270B Touch.

Rebuilt phase 2: 3 Grasso and 1 York screw compressor units, cooling towers: 3 fans and 3 water pumps, 2 evaporative condensers, 2 ethanol pumps.
See screenshots.


Internal project: development of own hardware and software base for modernization of technological equipment for our customers.

Atmel ARM7, PCAD, ImageCraft C.

Development of a Programmable Logic Controller and input-output modules based on MODBUS RTU protocol. The PLC and IO modules are compatible with third-party vendor units and SCADA. The PLC has a text LCD display, navigation keyboard, real time clock, 1..32 MB Flash memory for data and log files, 8 digital input and 8 digital output pins, 2 RS-485 ports for connection of IO modules and SCADA. The PLC is programmed in C language using a self-developed multi-task real-time operating system (RTOS). The work in this project includes design of diagrams and printed-circuit boards (in PCAD) and development of microcontroller software (in ImageCraft C).
See photos.

The following projects were done for GEA Grasso International B.V. in employed status.

07.2005 - 09.2005

Nestle Svitoch confectionery. Ukraine, Lvov

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-315, OP170B

Refrigeration automation system: 1 DuoPack chiller, 1 cooling tower with 2 fans, 3 water pumps.
See screenshots.

05.2005 - 06.2005

Cherkassy distribution cold-storage warehouse, Frau Marta. Ukraine, Cherkassy

SIMATIC Step7, WinCC Flexible. CPU S7-315, TP170A

Refrigeration automation system: 2 double stage screw compressor units, 2 evaporative condensers, 3 ammonia pumps, 1 freezing tunnel.
See screenshots.

02.2005 - 07.2005

Ismailia poultry. Egypt, Ismailia

RsLogix500, Panel Builder32. Allen Bradley CPU 5/04, PV1000

Refrigeration automation system: 6 screw compressor units in three systems -10, -30 and -40°C, 2 evaporative condensers, 6 primary ammonia pumps, falling film chiller, 21 coldstore rooms (T control, automatic defrosting).
See screenshots.

02.2005 - 12.2005

Chumporn oil factory, De Smet. Thailand, Chumporn

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-315, OP170B.

Refrigeration automation system: 1 DuoPack screw compressor unit, 2 ammonia pumps, automatic oil return, 2 sublimators. Profibus communication with central PLC.
See screenshots.

01.2005 - 03.2005

Interbrew Rogan phase 2. Ukraine, Kharkov

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool. CPU S7-315, Industrial Ethernet

Added to phase 1: 1 screw compressor unit, 1 double evaporative condenser, 1 plate heat exchanger, 2 frequency controlled (Danfoss VLT) water pumps. Two distant PLCs (800m) were connected by means of Industrial Ethernet.