Projects 2008

12.2008 - 02.2009

AMICO - Kherson shipyard Pallada, dock4. Ukraine, Kherson

Schneider Quantum CPU 671 60 with hot standby, PC. Unity Pro, Delphi.

Automation of floating dock ballast system: reprogrammed for Unity Pro, increased number of devices and various improvements on Pallada dock3.
See screenshots.

09.2008 - 01.2009

"APS Ltd." - Kakhovka Prom-Agro Ltd., soybean cake (schrot) storage. Ukraine, Novaya Kahovka

Mitsubishi Melsec FX3U PLC, Ethernet, PC, Citect.

7 transporters, 2 bucket elevators, 8 valves, 1 fly gate, 8 reservoirs. Automatic processing of load/unload routes with alarm interlocks. Dynamic assignment of routes.
See screenshots.

07.2008 - 02.2009

Johnson Controls Inc. (York) - Desna Brewery (InBev), phase 6. Ukraine, Chernigov

SIMATIC Step7, WinCC Flexible 2007. CPU S7-315, MP270B.

Added to phase 5: 2 screw compressor units, 1 ice water pump, 1 heat exchanger.
See screenshots.

05.2008 - 10.2008

AMICO - Kherson shipyard Pallada - dock3. Ukraine, Kherson

Schneider Quantum CPU 434-12 with hot standby, PC. Concept, Delphi.

Automation of floating dock ballast system: some improvements on Pallada dock2.
See screenshots.

05.2008 - 07.2008

Frost SA - Limpantsis Fruit Centre. Greece, Thiva

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool.
CPU S7-414, MP270B.

Added to phase 1: 1 screw compressor unit type NB-3B, 1 evaporative condenser type VXC-250R with frequency control.

04.2008 - 10.2009

AMICO - floating dock "Luga" - Admiralty Shipyards. Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Schneider Quantum CPU 671 60 with hot standby, PC. Unity Pro, Delphi.

Automation of floating dock ballast system: 24 ballast tanks with distributing valves, 4 suction and 4 discharge seaside valves, 4 ballast pumps. PLC control and PC HMI, hot standby for both PC and PLC. Connecting to existing pumps and valves.
PLC and PC software engineering, project management.
See screenshots.

01.2008 - 02.2008

Scanvaegt - "Nasha Riaba" Poultry - Mironovsky Khleboproduct. Ukraine, Kaniv region, Stepantsi village

Omron CX-Programmer, CJ1M PLC (2 pcs.), Ethernet, WiFi, VPN.

PLC software modification for lines H1 and I12: performance increase to 20 boxes per minute.


Internal project: development of own hardware and software base for modernization of CNC machine-tools.

Atmel ARM7, PCAD, Keil C.

Development of CNC unit based on microcontroller (Atmel ARM7) for milling machines, the CNC (computed numerically controlled) unit provides motion control with the required speed over three axes simultaneously, speed and direction of rotation control of the spindle. The software provides manual and program modes (a program is in standard G-codes, linear and circular interpolation, smooth acceleration-braking, etc.), technological programs loaded from the computer. The work in this project included design of diagrams and printed-circuit boards (PCAD), development of microcontroller software (Keil C).