Projects 2010

09.2010 - 10.2011

Johnson Controls Inc. (York) - Danone-Dnipro Milk Factory – Danone. Ukraine, Kherson

SIMATIC Step7, WinCC SCADA v6.2. CPU S7-414, industrial computer. Socomec DIRIS A40 electrical meter.

Upgrade of SCADA for refrigeration plant with the purpose of energy consumption optimization. Connect Socomec DIRIS A40 meter via Profibus DP to CPU S7-414 for monitoring of electrical parameters. Install CP Optimizer Sabroe R717 to calculate the optimal discharge pressure setpoint. Alternative calculation of the optimal work mode of evaporative condensers according to the tables of operation parameters of compressor units and condensers. Automation of condensation heat recuperation system. See photos of Buco ice generator and Sabroe/York/Johnson Controls compressor unit.

08.2010 - 09.2010, 02.2011

Khaldotechnika - Kaniv butter-cheese factory - "Cheese Club" Corporation. Ukraine, Kaniv

SIMATIC Step7, WinCC6. CPU S7-314 with Ethernet, PC.

Upgrade of SCADA for refrigeration plant, added: 2 freon chillers CIAT LWN2800, 2 air condensers, 4 glycol and water pumps, 2 heat-exchangers. Communication with the chillers over RS485 Modbus network.
See screenshots.

05.2010 - ...

AMICO, Ukraine, Nikolaev

Cisco 2811 router, Windows Server 2003.

Redesign of IT infrastructure of the company, development and implementation of information security policy.

04.2010 - 04.2012

AMICO - Kherson shipyard Pallada - dock5. Ukraine, Kherson

Schneider Quantum CPU 671 60 with hot standby, PC. Unity Pro, Delphi.

Automation of floating dock ballast system: continued series Pallada dock3.
Refactoring: changed CPU type, new functions and some improvements.

03.2010 - 04.2010

Radomyshl Brewery, Ukraine, Radomyshl

PLC S7 315, Simatic Step7, ProTool.

Replacement of PLC. Small adjustments in the software.


State Enterprise Scientific Research Gas Turbine Production Complex "Zorya-Mashproekt", Ukraine, Nikolaev

MS Visual C#

Development of an automatic control system for temperature control of turbine blades in an industrial vacuum deposition unit. The software provides acquisition of thermo-images from a M9200 thermo-vision camera (produced by “Mikron”, USA): viewing / recording / playback of thermo-video files with forward-backward navigation, automatic detection of overheating points in custom defined zones of thermal control. The scope of this project is the development of software.


Uniteh LTD. Ukraine, Nikolaev

Simatic S7-1200, PLC S7-1214C, operator panel KTP400 Basic mono PN.

Software for safety system of bucket elevator. Universal project implemented for 10 bucket elevators. Log storage in PLC. Software rotation speed control - by inductive proximity sensor. 3 jam sensors, 4 temperature transmitters in bearings, 8 temperature transmitters for belt displacement detection.
See screenshots.


Uniteh LTD. Ukraine, Nikolaev

PLC Mitsubishi FX3U, industrial computer E-box-4853S, CitectSCADA 6.0.

Software modification of elevator automation system: installed gas burner KP-250 (with VEGA automation system) for two grain dryers.