Projects 2014

03.2014 - 05.2014

Carlberg "Slavutich" brewery, Zaporozhye

Siemens SIMATIC PLC Siemens S7-317, Step7, WinCC Flexible, WinCC, frequency converter Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive FC102, 560 kW, Profibus DP V1

Installing the inverter on the screw compressor unit SAB 283S with the control system UNISAB, within ammonia refrigeration installation, to provide optimal regulation of the compressor capacity (slide, frequency) in terms of energy consumption and wear of mechanisms as well as for optimal collaboration of several compressors of different capacity.

07.2014 - 10.2014

Uniteh Ltd. - Branch of DP "Suntrade" ("Bunge Ukraine"), Dolinskaya

Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-1200, TIA Portal Step7 V13, Insat MasterSCADA

Software for automation systems of drying-storage elevator (distributed network of 4 PLC) - Automatic grain transport routes (up to 5 concurrent streams, step-by-step manual selection of the route), remote manual and automatic control of the mechanisms: gas dryers "Petcus" (Germany) and DSP-32, silo storage and hopper (with high level sensors), electrically driven valves (5 pcs.) and butterfly valves (4 pcs.), non-automatable flow distributor (7 pcs.), fan, separator BCS, 9 bucket elevators and 20 conveyors (software and hardware speed control, jamming sensors, temperature control of belt displacement, motor current control).
See screenshots.

04.2014 - 11.2014

Amico Ltd. - LLC "Transbunker-Yuzhniy", Yuzhne

Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-1200, TIA Portal Step7 V13, ScadaBR, Altivar ATV61HD55N4 55 kW by Modbus

Automated process control system of loading gasoline and diesel fuel into tank cars in a bunkering base. The system disables the loading of the product upon the high level in tank cars and limits the speed of the product in order to prevent liquid hammer and dangerous levels of static electricity. Status monitoring of manual valves is performed with inductive position sensors. Electric pumps are controlled using frequency converters.
See screenshots.

09.2014 - 01.2015

NPP Holod Ltd - Sun Inbev Ukraine, Desna brewery, Chernigiv

Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-1200, TIA Portal Step7 V13, Insat MasterSCADA

Monitoring of refrigeration automation system: display of instantaneous and totalized flow of the refrigerant in numerical and graphical format, export to CSV, warning alarm at high pressure. Measurements stored in non-volatile PLC memory during loss of communication with the computer. Automated time synchronization PC-PLC. Remote control over the local network and over the Internet.
See screenshots.