Projects 2015

12.2014 - 05.2015

NPP Uniteh - Branch DP "Suntrade" ("Bunge Ukraine"), Prosiana, Dnipropetrivsk region

Schneider Twido PLC (TwidoSuite v2.33); touch panel Kinco HMI MT4522T 10.1 "(Kinco HMIware v2.2)

Grain elevator automation system (drying, storage). Automated equipment: conveyors (8 pcs.), bucket elevator (5 pcs.), fans (2 pcs.), drum separator. Protection of elevators and conveyors with speed sensors, jamming, belt displacement and bearing temperature (OWEN TRM138). Full remote monitoring and control of mechanisms from the screen of the touch panel (10", 800x480), including 98 options for automatic routes (up to 3 simultaneous channels), possible to control each mechanism separately, alarm and event logging, flexible adjustment of process settings.
See screenshots.

01.2015 - 04.2015

Uniteh - "ETSK" LLC (Bunge Ukraine), Nikolaev

Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-416, HMI KTP400, industrial computers; Step 7, WinCC 7.2, WinCC Flexible 2008

Automation system for oil storage and transshipment terminal: 6 tanks (level transmitters and level switches at top-level, 18 temperature sensors in each tank), 7 pumps with variable speed drive Sinamics, 15 mixers with soft starter Simocode, 63 electrically driven valves, 2 compressors, automated route management.
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NPP Uniteh - Svarog West Group, Shepetovka

Siemens PLC S7-1200 (TIA Portal V13), Insat MasterSCADA 3.6, ATE OPC

Modification of control system of grain drying complex due to the need of technological change: dry grain by passing it sequentially through each of the drying towers. Added second S7-1200 PLC as a remote IO station. Added new mechanisms: bucket elevator, conveyor, valve and changeover valve. The list of possible routes extended, the third route channel is added. SCADA performance improved, interface updated (larger fonts, intuitive dialog windows, additional controls and prompts for the operator etc).
See screenshots.


Uniteh - Elpromproekt - ETSK (Bunge Ukraine) Nikolaev

SCADA WinCC 7.2, PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-416 (Step 7 V5.5), remote IO stations ET200M and ET200iSP, frequency converters Sinamics G120P (SINAMICS Starter), control and protection devices Simocode Pro V (Simocode ES)

Automation system for the​​ storage and processing terminal of sunflower seeds as a part of production and processing complex. Automated equipment: 11 silos with discrete and radar (analogue) level sensors, screws with hydro stations, mobile units for silo dust aspiration, 4 bucket elevators, 25 transporters, 6 dust aspiration filters, 10 electric drive valves with positioning (encoders) and 12 without positioning, 5 changeover valves, dust aspiration for railway unloading. Features: automated route management - up to 10 concurrent channels (900 passing options for each channel); manual control of individual devices from both the computer screen and locally; emergency protection (jamming, current, speed, and level sensors, by the signal from frequency converters and starters) and alarm system; alarm and event log; trends for analog values ​​(currents, levels, speeds, positions of valves).
See screenshots.

08.2015 - 02.2016

NPP Kholod LLC - SUN InBev Ukraine, Kharkiv

Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-1214, iFix SCADA 5.5

Automation system for the cooling system of high-pressure compressors: temperature transmitters - 7 pcs; valve with adjustable position (input 4-20 mA - setting position, output 4-20 mA - actual position); pressure transmitters - 1 pc .; level transmitters (analog) - 2 pcs.

10.2015 - 02.2016

NPP Kholod LLC - SUN InBev Ukraine, Kharkiv

iFix SCADA 5.5

Software for monitoring of air compressors: Atlas Copco - 5 pcs.; Ingersoll Rand - 1 pc .; Atelier Francois - 3 pсs.