Projects 2016

11.2015 - 09.2016

Uniteh Ltd - Elpromproekt Ltd - ETSK Ltd (Bunge Ukraine) Nikolaev

SCADA WinCC 7.2, PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-416 (Step 7 V5.5), remote IO stations ET200M and ET200iSP, frequency converters Sinamics G120P (SINAMICS Starter), control and protection devices Simocode Pro V (Simocode ES)

Automation system for the sunflower seed transportation and cleaning site as part of production and processing complex, as well as its integration with the other sites. Automated equipment: 3 silos with discrete and radar (analogue) level sensors, 4 silo dust aspiration fans, 7 bucket elevators, 33 conveyors, 10 dust aspiration filters, 2 probe sampling machines, 6 electrically driven valves with positioning (encoders) and 13 without positioning, 4 change-over valves, 4 hoppers (with discrete upper level sensors) and 4 cleaning lines, each of which comprises a separator, drum sieve and dust aspiration (fan, scraper, dozer). Features: automated route management - up to 10 concurrent channels (1300 pass options for each channel); manual control of individual devices from both the computer screen and locally; emergency protection (jamming, current, speed, and level sensors, also by the signal from frequency converters anf starters) and alarm system; alarm and event log; trends for analog values ​​(currents, levels, speeds, positions of valves); separate authentication for all users.
See screenshots.

06.2015, 02.2016

NPP Uniteh - complex for transshipment and storage of crops in the territory of "Port Ochakov" Ochakiv

Schneider Modicon M340 (Unity 7.0), Insat MasterSCADA 3.6

Modification of grain elevator control system due to the addition of: dust aspiration machine and pneumatic positioned valve for scales; dust aspiration fans for transport equipment; direct routes from truck reception to loading on the vessel (without loading in silos).

12.2015 - 08.2016

AMICO - Plant "Pallada" - Dormac Durban, South Africa

Schneider Modicon M251 PLC, Delphi HMI with Modbus TCP driver. Double redundant Modbus TCP network with software hot standby.

Developed dock ballast control system: designed electrical diagrams, developed PLC and PC software, performed installation supervision and commissioning, translated design and operational documentation into English.
See photos and video. See screenshot.

03.2016 - 10.2016

NPP Uniteh - Novoodesskiy elevator LLC, Nova Odessa

Schneider Modicon M251 & M241 (SoMachine 4.1). OPC: CoDeSys v3. Insat MasterScada 3.7. Soft starters: Altistart ATS48

Automation system for elevator: reception from trucks, cleaning (Luch ZSO-200), drying (Bonfanti), storage (8 silos by 4 thousand tons), shipping to trucks. Automated equipment: bucket elevators (5 pcs.) with soft starters, conveyors (20), valves (33), change-over valves (16), silo fans (34), dust aspiration systems (4), silos and hoppers (12), separators (2), Bonfanti dryer (1). Features: automatic routes - up to 5 concurrent channels (900 pass options for each channel); manual control of a separate devices from the computer screen; emergency protection (current, velocity, jamming and level sensors) and alarm system; logging of alarms and operator actions; flexible adjustment of the technological settings.
See screenshots.

08.2016 - 09.2016

NPP Uniteh LLC - ETSK LLC (Bunge Ukraine) Nikolaev

SCADA WinCC 7.2; PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 (TIA Portal V13 SP1)

Automation system for three-tower dryer Mega, as part of production and processing complex, as well as its integration into the overall system. Automated equipment: 15 fans and common dust aspiration (rotary-valve feeder and fan), 3 discharge mechanisms with controlled speed of discharge, 9 discrete level sensors and 12 temperature transmitters (3 for drying agent, 9 for seed), 2 valves regulating the flow of steam to heat-exchangers (PID-control of position according to the pressure and temperature of the agent). Features: manual control of separate devices from the computer screen; automatic temperature regulation of the drying agent; emergency protection of individual devices, as well as the drying process as a whole (by overheating of the drying agent and/or seed, empty tower, discharge failure, dust aspiration failure) and alarm system; alarm and event log; separate window with trends for analog values ​​(temperature, discharge rate, valve position); flexible adjustment of drying process interlocks.
See screenshots.