Security assessment and implementation in industrial IT and OT systems

We carry out a full range of works for security assessment and implementation in industrial IT and OT systems together with our strategic partner – H-X Technologies, who has a prominent position in the information security industry.

June 25, 2019
  • Commissioning and maintenance

    Commissioning in industrial automation projects is often half the work. Sometimes even all software development is done right on site. However, such a path leads to increased costs and is fraught with latent errors in the future. Therefore, we always try to thoroughly test the system before sending it to the site, using automated tests […]

    June 25, 2005
  • Development of technical specification

    Accurate and complete technical specification will allow to make the work with minimal resources. In addition, the technical specification is necessary for successful work with a fixed price for the project, as well as for organizing a tender. We always help and advise the customer in the preparation of technical specifications. We can also, for […]

    June 25, 2005
  • Design and assembly of automation switchboards

    We use modern automated tools for designing of switchboards and electrical diagrams. We mainly use PC|Schematic, but also have experience with Eplan and AutoCAD Electric.

    June 12, 2005
  • Software development

    Software development is our unique selling point. We use the most advanced technologies from the IT industry and approach the software development thoroughly: from architecture design to complex testing, including automated tests and bench testing. We also write transparent, structured and well-documented code, and we pay great attention to user documentation.

    June 12, 2005