Several biggest and most interesting projects:

07.2009 – 10.2009

National University of Shipbuilding, Ukraine, Nikolaev

Ms Word, Ms Visio.

Automation control system of underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Preliminary design.

04.2008 – 10.2009

AMICO Ltd. – floating dock “Luga” – Admiralty Shipyards. Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Schneider Quantum CPU 671 60 with hot standby, PC. Unity Pro, Delphi.

Automation of floating dock ballast system: 24 ballast tanks with distributing valves, 4 suction and 4 discharge seaside valves, 4 ballast pumps. PLC control and PC HMI, hot standby for both PC and PLC. Connecting to existing pumps and valves.
PLC and PC software engineering, complete project management.

See screenshot.

03.2007 – 09.2007

York – SABMiller – Kaluga Brewing Company. Russia, Kaluga

SIMATIC Step7, WinCC Flexible 2005, WinCC6. CPU S7-414, CPU S7-416, MP370 (2 pcs), PC, RS2LAN.

Automation of refrigeration system. Added new equipment and performed complete refactoring (reprogramminhg) of the old system. Glycol: 3 Grasso and 1 York screw compressor units, 2 single and 2 double evaporative condensers with 4 external water pumps, 4 PHE chillers, 6 glycol pumps, mixing tank with 1 glycol pump.
Ice-water: 3 York compressor units, 1 double and 2 single evaporative condensers with 3 external water pumps, 4 ammonia pumps, 5 PHE chillers.

See screenshots.

02.2006 – 08.2007

Grasso – Gavrylivski chicken poultry, Agromars. Ukraine, Gavrylivka village

SIMATIC Step7, WinCC Flexible 2005. CPU S7-412-2DP, MP270 Touch.

Refrigeration automation system: 4 screw compressor units (2 stages), 2 double evaporative condensers, 5 ammonia pumps, 5 glycol pumps, 10 ammonia plate freezers, 6 ammonia fast freezers, 17 ammonia air-coolers, 24 glycol air-coolers.

See screenshots.

01.2004 – 07.2004

GrassoLimpantsis fruit storage base. Greece, Thiva

SIMATIC Step7, ProTool.
CPU S7-414, MP270B.
Number of controlled I/O:
127 AI, 23 AO,
427 DI, 189 DO,
47 Profibus nodes.

Refrigeration automation system: 6 screw compressor units in two systems -1 and -11°C, 2 frequency controlled (ABB, Profibus) evaporative condensers, recuperation, 5 frequency controlled primary glycol pumps, 2 water pumps, 14 coldstore rooms with secondary pumps, motor valves, T and DT, CO2, humidity control, automatic defrosting and frequency controlled air-cooler fans, 6 coldstore rooms with motor valves and T control, 5 banana rooms, ammonia detection. Assistance to Frost SA in making WinCC SCADA.

See screenshots.

02.2005 – 07.2005

Ismailia poultry. Egypt, Ismailia

RsLogix500, Panel Builder32. Allen Bradley CPU 5/04, PV1000, RS View32

Refrigeration automation system: 6 screw compressor units in three systems -10, -30 and -40°C, 2 evaporative condensers, 6 primary ammonia pumps, falling film chiller, 21 coldstore rooms (T control, automatic defrosting).

See screenshots.

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