Automation system for propane-carbon-dioxide refrigeration plant for Roche Germany

Project period
Siemens TIA Portal V12, CPU S7 315-2 PN/DP, HMI TP900, 3G UMTS-роутер Welotec TK701, Sm@rtAccess.

Customer: PS Systec — Weska-Futron — Pharmaceutical company “Roche”, Germany.

Automation system for propane/CO2 refrigeration plant:

  • 5 chillers (including 1 spare) – 1 inverter and the others step 0-100%;
  • compressor pack with 3 compressors (including 2 spare) – 1 inverter and the others step 0-100%;
  • 5 double pumps with local controllers Wilo Stratos;
  • 2 coldstore rooms (heating, cooling, defrosting);
  • PID-regulation of expansion valves in propane and CO2 circuits;
  • recuperation of condenser heat;
  • redundancy – two identical automation systems with standby switch-over, synchronization over Ethernet;
  • datapoints to client’s SCADA (Siglimata) via 2 Profibus DP/DP Couplers;
  • trends and CSV-tables for all analogue values and statuses, storage on SD-card in TP900 for 5 years;
  • remote maintenance over Internet;
  • operator interface in English and German languages.
overview info chiller comp-pack room20 room4 P13 A80 AS_control