About us

We are a team of software, electrical and industrial process engineers who specialize in the field of industrial automation

Photo of Andrew Buldyzhov
Andrew Buldyzhov
Founder, Software Engineer
Photo of Slava Chegrinets
Slava Chegrinets
Project Manager, Engineer
Photo of Vladimir Buldyzhov
Vladimir Buldyzhov
Cybersecurity Engineer

What we do:

  • 01 design industrial automation and monitoring systems
  • 02 develop technological processes, functional descriptions and requirements specifications, operation and maintenance documentation
  • 03 design and assemble electrical switchboards
  • 04 implement automation algorithms and develop software for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and HMI panels, as well as for microcontrollers and personal/industrial computers
  • 05 assess and implement the security of industrial IT and OT systems and networks (in cooperation with H-X Technologies)
  • 06 develop OPC-servers for common protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Siemens S7 MPI/Profibus/ISO-TCP) – considerably cheaper than the analogs
  • 07 develop OPC-servers for custom protocols (the protocol description required)
  • 08 perform on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance service of automation systems.
We are based in the city of Mykolaiv, in the south of Ukraine.
But we work internationally.

The name of our company – Advanced Technology Engineering – describes the specifics of our work.

  • We usually focus on hi-tech tasks:
    • mathematical modelling;
    • software development;
    • electrical engineering and automated design of electrical schematics etc.
  • We prefer to work with partners who cover the other tasks:
    • supply of hardware;
    • assembly of switchboards;
    • cabling etc.

Our slogan – It is worth doing it well! – reflects our effort to provide high quality of product and services

There’s always a conflict between available resources and product quality. It is possible to make an automation system with minimal cost and it will work fine, at least for a while, but any further maintenance or extension will be a nightmare. Industrial automation systems almost always grow and change, so not caring for the future puts the investments in automation under the risk of total loss. It is easier to completely remake a badly designed or poorly documented automation system rather than try to expand or maintain it. So we make our best to make our documentation orderly and explicit, and our software standardized, structured and well documented. We allocate abundant resources for documentation and thorough testing, owing to the cost-effective methods that we have developed: minimal overhead expenses and infrastructure cost of sole proprietorship. Also Ukraine is one of the best places to go for outsourcing since young engineers in this country have the optimal ratio of qualification over hour price.

Our feature is initiative

We not only strive to fully satisfy our client’s requests, but also bring in our expertise and experience, suggesting ideas and solutions.