Automation system for elevator drying and storage, Bunge Dolinskaya

Project period
Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-1200, TIA Portal Step7 V13, Insat MasterSCADA

Customer: Uniteh LLC.
Software for automation systems of drying-storage elevator (distributed network of 4 PLC) – Automatic grain transport routes (up to 5 concurrent streams, step-by-step manual selection of the route), remote manual and automatic control of the mechanisms: gas dryers “Petcus” (Germany) and DSP-32, silo storage and hopper (with high level sensors), electrically driven valves (5 pcs.) and butterfly valves (4 pcs.), non-automatable flow distributor (7 pcs.), fan, separator BCS, 9 bucket elevators and 20 conveyors (software and hardware speed control, jamming sensors, temperature control of belt displacement, motor current control).