Automation system for elevator drying and storage, Bunge Dolinskaya

Project period
Siemens SIMATIC PLC S7-1200, TIA Portal Step7 V13, Insat MasterSCADA

Customer: SP APS LLC.

Software for automation systems of drying-storage elevator (distributed network of 4 PLC) – Automatic grain transport routes (up to 5 concurrent streams, step-by-step manual selection of the route), remote manual and automatic control of the mechanisms: gas dryers “Petcus” (Germany) and DSP-32, silo storage and hopper (with high level sensors), electrically driven valves (5 pcs.) and butterfly valves (4 pcs.), non-automatable flow distributor (7 pcs.), fan, separator BCS, 9 bucket elevators and 20 conveyors (software and hardware speed control, jamming sensors, temperature control of belt displacement, motor current control).

image3 settings help image12 image8 image5 image4 mnemo1 mnemo2 log image16 image17 image10 image6 route_panel