Reporting system to State Fiscal Service for LNG network

Project period
Python, Lazarus, ModbusTCP, RaspberryPi, Wireguard, Poli.

Customer: LLC “TK Yuventa”

A reporting system to the State Fiscal Service (SFS) for a network of LNG gas filling stations.

Connected devices:

  • EMS48 flow meter with Satam Equalis S controller (Modbus TCP protocol) – 1 pc.
  • Level gauge 1 pc. with SiteSentinel Nano console (PV4 protocol) + 7 sensors

Receiving data:

  • from the flow meter: volume, temperature, volume normalized to 15°C;
  • from level gauges: oil product level, produced water level, volume of produced water, volume of oil product, temperature, measured oil product density, oil product density normalized to 15°C.
  • Calculation of the volume of petroleum product, normalized to 15°C.

Displaying current values ​​on the screen in the form of tables and graphs, storing them in a database.

The file generated by the program in XML format is sent to the accountant for import into the software for sending reports to the State Fiscal Service. The file format corresponds to the form J0210401 (Confirmation of information for the receipt of baggage data for obligatory duties (removal/release) and surplus goods at the excise warehouse).

screenshot01 screenshot02 screenshot03 screenshot04 screenshot05 screenshot06