Control system for the feed mill, LLC “Ukraine”, Skoriki

Project period
PLC: Schneider Modicon M251 & M241 (SoMachine 4.3) HMI: computer with Insat MasterSCADA 3.8 software Frequency converters: Schneider Altivar ATV320 - 24 pcs (communication with PLC via Modbus TCP)

Customer: LLC “SP APS” (general contractor LLC “Antekstroy”) for LLC “Ukraine”.

Location of the object: Skoriki village, Ternopil region, Ukraine.

Development and commissioning of a control system for a feed mill, which allows you to form feed mixtures for cattle in accordance with a given recipe. Recipes can contain up to 6 main ingredients and up to 8 additives/trace ingredients. The weight of each component is controlled during the formation of the mixture using load cells Zemiс and weight processors HBM WTX120 (connection with the PLC via Modbus TCP) with an accuracy of 0.1 kg.

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