Automation system for storage and processing terminal of sunflower seeds, Bunge Nikolaev

Project period
SCADA WinCC 7.2, PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-416 (Step 7 V5.5), remote IO stations ET200M and ET200iSP, frequency converters Sinamics G120P (SINAMICS Starter), control and protection devices Simocode Pro V (Simocode ES)

Customer: SP APS LLC.

Automation system for the​​ storage and processing terminal of sunflower seeds as a part of production and processing complex. Automated equipment: 11 silos with discrete and radar (analogue) level sensors, screws with hydro stations, mobile units for silo dust aspiration, 4 bucket elevators, 25 transporters, 6 dust aspiration filters, 10 electric drive valves with positioning (encoders) and 12 without positioning, 5 changeover valves, dust aspiration for railway unloading. Features: automated route management – up to 10 concurrent channels (900 passing options for each channel); manual control of individual devices from both the computer screen and locally; emergency protection (jamming, current, speed, and level sensors, by the signal from frequency converters and starters) and alarm system; alarm and event log; trends for analog values ​​(currents, levels, speeds, positions of valves).

alarm_event_log aux_lines clean_dry1 clean_dry2 devices1 devices2 main_screen main_screen-select-route storage transportation trends dryer_trends legend dryer-interlocks