Floating Dock for Multimarine Shipyards, Cyprus

Project period
Schneider Modicon M251 PLC (SoMachine), Delphi HMI with Modbus TCP driver. Double redundant Modbus TCP network with software hot standby.

Customer: Amico Group.

Developed dock ballast control system: designed electrical diagrams, developed PLC and PC software, performed installation supervision and commissioning, translated design and operational documentation into English. Remaking for electro-hydraulic valves from Sander Marine. General refactoring. Acceptance by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

control_room flooded_niches1 flooded_niches2 flooded tugged_back tugged_back tugged_back first_docked_vessel main-en auxiliary_window deformation_settings device_control dignostics docking_report_print draft help log operation_parameters training_mode