• 11/2007 - 05/2008
    HMI/SCADA for refrigeration plant for Cheese Club Karlovka
    ICP DAS I-7000, Delphi.

    Customer: Khaldotechnika – Karlovka dry milk factory – “Cheese Club” Corporation. Ukraine, Karlovka village. HMI/SCADA for refrigeration plant: 8 freon chillers CIAT LWN2800, 8 air condensers, 14 glycol and water pumps, 4 heat-exchangers. Communication with the chillers over RS-485 Modbus network.

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  • 12/2005 - 10/2006
    HMI for Izmail oil-transfer plant
    ICP DAS 8000, PC. Delphi

    Customer: AMICO – Oil-transfer plant. Ukraine, Izmail. HMI for automation and control system: 4 tanks, 14 motor valves, 3 pump units, 4 fans. Control of valves and pumps, level and temperature measuring. Monitoring and control of actuating mechanism. Logs, reports, trends, access authorization.

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  • 03/2002 - 10/2002
    HMI/SCADA for automation and measuring system for LNG station, Reni
    LabVIEW, Visual C++, WinAPI. ICP DAS I-7000

    Customer: AMICO (employed). Liquefied natural gas station. Ukraine, Reni. HMI/SCADA for automation and measuring system: 34 tanks, level, pressure and temperature monitoring. Calculation of volume, mass, velocity. Control of valves, pumps and compressors. Trends, logs, reports. Network versions.

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